Ten Years

December 17, 2018 § 11 Comments

Ten Years © Lynn Wiles 2018
A little sky drama to mark the 10th anniversary of posting daily (with some breaks) on this blog. I’ve been telling myself that I can quit today and I can of course, but instead I’m taking a break for the next week and then will be back sporadically after that. It’s the community of people here in blogland and the serenity of my now only occasional photo walks that I can’t quite let go of just yet.

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§ 11 Responses to Ten Years

  • Looks like our Fiesty South African skies.

  • roos says:

    so glad you stay always looking forwards to see your photos

  • 🙂 C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S & H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y 🙂
    I love seeing the world through your considered eye. I’m impressed that you’ve sustained your blog with such wonderful photographs for 10 years! That’s a lot of work and a lot of photographs!
    Often your images are quietly understated. In an uncertain world filled with shouting, noise, political ineptitude and social injustice your photographs are in lots of ways reassuring. They offer moments for me and others to focus on the world as seen positively through your eyes. We will I’m sure all see your images differently and no doubt take something different from them. However, I think we all see the effort, deliberation and skill that is invested and evident in the photographs you share.
    Photography can be fulfilling on lots of different levels. I’m sure your photo walks allow you to live very much in the moment and enjoy the world in a way that can be difficult when life makes so many demands on us! Taking time, being in the moment and exploring the world with a camera can nourish parts of our being that often we don’t attend to as well as we should. Of course there are all the creative and technical aspects to photography and the constant learning that comes with being a photographer.
    One of the things I found when I started my first blog is that I became far more self critical of my photographs. Reviewing them for sharing meant I started to apply a far more critical eye. I’m wonder if your blogging pathway has been at all similar?
    The point is you take wonderful photographs and it would be a real shame if you were unable to make time to share them. I know the whole daily thing can be quite demanding but if you are reviewing where to go or whether to maintain your blog then I hope you will reach a decision whereby me and others still get to see your work – even occasionally 🙂
    I cannot remember if in the past I have mentioned that at the end of each year I make a photobook of my best images. It means they exist in the real world and not in some digital form on a hard drive somewhere! I’ve been doing this now for about six years and it’s a nice way to share photographs with people away from a computer screen. Maybe an annual photobook would help your work take on a different shape? Reviewing a years work and editing out the less successful images is an interesting process and might add a little motivation for maintaining your blog! You can see where this message is going… I’m trying to find new ways to encourage you to keep up and keep sharing your work 🙂
    Lastly (like I haven’t already said enough), photography is about communicating. As much as we will use words to let others know what we see in a picture or how it makes us feel it is those feelings and our personal responses that matter. Photographs aren’t taken so we can simply apply words to describe them. They are a language of their own. Your photographs speak quietly, sowing seeds of inspiration around the globe.
    Thank you for sharing your 2018 with us.
    Here’s wishing you a very happy new year
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    • lynnwiles says:

      You certainly have a way with words Nigel and I thank you for the very kind and positive comments. It is a rough time out there these days and we each have responsibility for doing our part to ease one another in our own ways.

  • Happy anniversary, Lynn. I hear what you are saying (I’ll quite possibly be a bit less blogactive myself next year too).

  • Happy 10th Anniversary, Lynn!! I’m glad you will keep going. I know it’s hard to find the time to get out and shoot but I know it’s my favourite thing to do as it may well be yours… Have a wonderful Christmas!

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