Welcome Back

April 26, 2020 § 20 Comments

Welcome Back Β© Lynn Wiles 2020
In the times of the coronavirus, it is nice that nature is still springing up. My checkerboard lilies (Fritillaria meleagris), decided to come back after I thought they were long gone. I’m in a conundrum, my only time out of the house is walking the dog or finding deserted places for her to run off leash. Neither is conducive to photography. I have been enjoying all the spring buds and blooms knowing that in previous years I have posted them on my blog. I’ve been working from home for weeks now and yes, the construction is still going on and on.

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§ 20 Responses to Welcome Back

  • Stay strong and be safe, Lynn!

  • Good to see you and your checkerboard lilies are back!
    In the UK the plants you call checkerboard lilies are known as Snakeshead Fritillaries and are considered very rare. Years ago I visited North Meadow near a small town called Cricklade where about 80% of Fritillaria meleagris grow! Which offers an indication of how rare they are around these isles. It’s a real treat that you should have some in your garden. Here is a link to the North Meadow site: http://www.crickladecourtleet.org.uk/north-meadow/description/
    These are worrying and testing times and I hope you and your family are safe and well.
    Sending very best wishes from a locked down Sheffield
    Stay safe out there
    Mr C
    PS We can all only take so many bus stops before it becomes a bit boring so tomorrow I’m moving on to something new… πŸ™‚

    • lynnwiles says:

      Unfortunately Massachusetts is a hotspot for COVID and I have a dog with an abundance of energy. At least it gets me out of the house, dodging any people who are also out and about.
      May I request more sheep?

      • Sheffield too has also been one of the worst affected areas in the UK.
        My next series after the bus stops is a series of posters and notices relating to Covid-19.
        After the posters I’m heading back to nature with a series of sunsrise images which are a little more uplifting than the bus stops!
        I welcome your request for more sheep and I will certainly keep an eye on the flock for those willing to have a portrait taken.
        The two sheep photographs taken earlier would never have existed had it not been for the lockdown! I think they are now seen by the rest of the flock as local celebrities. They always seem have other sheep following them around πŸ™‚
        After the sun rise series I have images which I have collected over the lockdown which will fall into the category of ‘minimal’. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag to look forward to and I hope among the upcoming photographs there will be a few that you like. Thanks for your continued support.
        Take good care
        Best wishes πŸ™‚

      • lynnwiles says:

        Sorry to hear that you too are living in a hotspot.
        I’d have to drive many miles to see any sheep, but I’ve heard they are in walkable distance from Sheffield and you proved that.

      • I am fortunate that live in a sheep hotspotπŸ™‚
        This morning at about 6am I saw spring lambs chasing rabbits! A joyful sight on a damp grey morning. It was a scene I’ve never witenessed before and wouldn’t have thought it the sort of thing that lambs get up to!
        As per your request I have taken a few more sheep photographs which will appear on the site probably next weekπŸ™‚πŸ‘
        Best wishes, Mr C πŸ‡ πŸ‘

      • lynnwiles says:

        Lambs, rabbits, more sheep photos! Oh my, you have made me smile.

      • I live in a smile hotspot πŸ™‚

      • lynnwiles says:

        Positive thinking in crazy times.

      • My early morning walks at sunsrise have helped to keep my spirits lifted. At that time of day the city is quiet. The dawn chorus sounds louder. Pre-lockdown there would have been a city hum. and certainly the sound of traffic on nearby roads. Also at sun up I have my daily walk/exercise to myself and haven’t the need to think about social distancing. I did meet a nice dog walker a few days ago and we stopped to have a chat (at a safe distance). As a dog person you’ll need to know his beautiful dog was a labradoodle and you’ll also need to know that his wife takes the dog into school to help children with ADHD and other support needs. While out on his walks he always picks up litter (and has done for 30 years – That’s Andrew the dog walker and not the dog!) and I was inspired by him to do the same.
        Sunrise here is currently at about 05:30. For me to see it at a local spot that I can walk to means I need to be up before 05:00 which is becoming a bit too early for me!
        Seeing the sunrise is a great thing to do (for those able to get out right now). It offers you a different relationship to the day and helps to set a positive mood at the start of the day.
        This morning I also saw a group of three lambs in a different field and one in the group was taking great delight in bouncing around in a muddy puddle! It reminded of being a child and how jumping into puddles was such a simple pleasurable act and getting dirty was a right of passage πŸ™‚

  • Nice to see you back, Lynn!! And what a beautiful image! Glad you are staying safe. I took a few photos of the same lilies at the civic gardens here and I had no idea what they were called. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚ I too am working from home. Stressful times. I hope we all get through this unscathed. Take good care.

  • roos says:

    hoping this wasn’t a one of and we will see more of your photo’s WelcomeBack

  • tomwhelan says:

    Fine image – I’m always loved that Fritillaria, though I only know of it from other people’s photographs.
    Getting out frequently has been a great relief to me in these strange times. Fortunately, I’m able to go to open spaces where social distancing is pretty easy. I’m out in the suburbs west of Boston, there are lots of open areas in my town and neighboring towns.

    • lynnwiles says:

      Hi neighbor. I’m in Somerville. I do get out for multiple neighborhood walks and a trip to the dog park daily. All good, but I miss open spaces. Maybe someday they will be part of my life again.

      • tomwhelan says:

        Hi Lynn – I can walk to a few open spaces, but mostly I drive and then hike out – then I can get to Waltham, Lincoln, Concord, and Woburn besides the numerous open areas in my town, Lexington. Hope you can escape soon!

      • lynnwiles says:

        So do I! One can’t get far in an hour long lunch break. If any of those places allow dogs off leash, please email me.

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