Wild Asters

October 3, 2020 § 10 Comments

Wild Asters © Lynn Wiles 2020

Eek, WordPress won’t let me use the old way of posting. If you know how to get back to the old way, let me know. On the photo, Wild Asters are weeds I treasure in my garden.

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§ 10 Responses to Wild Asters

  • susurrus says:

    I did an eek too. Where you see Add New (Post), there should be a small arrow beside it. Click on the arrow to get to the Classic Editor option. It is well hidden and it defaults to the new editor.

  • tomwhelan says:

    Pretty bright whites, nice background – I love asters.

    It used to be that you could use the old editor to add a post from the WP Admin page, but now I see the block editor there. I don’t like the block editor either.

  • I too have been thrown into the awful block editor!
    I have read various ways to access the old style editor and none of the routes described by other users allow me to access the old editor. If it is there at all then it is so well hidden it will never be found by me or many other long time users.!
    I am certainly not a fan of the new editor. It’s clunky and limiting. I suspect the change has been made for people who post from their phones where maybe the block editor might make sense. I don’t blog from my phone so I have no idea and can only speculate as to why the changes were made. Perhaps it is easier for WordPress to put their advertising algorithms to work on blocks of information? Whatever the reason it has taken some of the joy of using WordPress.
    Other photographers I follow are similarly disappointed and some even talking about leaving WordPress.
    Stay safe and best wishes 🙂

  • If you add /wp-admin to the end of your blog address – https://lynnwiles.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ – it will take you to the classic dashboard where you can still access the classic editor.


  • Meanderer says:

    Found this post this morning. The blogger details how to find it – along with useful pictures!


  • Had the same nightmare Thursday and it took me quite a while to figure out I could add a post with that little pull down. When I tried to download the old plugin (in all the WP instructions) or simply tell it to be a classic editor post it told me it would cost me $376 for a year of an upgrade in order to be able to download plugins! Tried for a bit to use the new editor and found it to be terribly non-intuitive.

  • lynnwiles says:

    Thank you all so much!
    I used the url Graham suggested and the blog Meanderer suggested and have the old style back
    https://.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ and then on top where it says Add New, drop done to Classic Editor and there it is.

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