Fuchsia and Stone

October 6, 2020 § 8 Comments

PA030076-2 Fuchsia and Stone © Lynn Wiles 2020
White with pink fuchsia hanging over the stone wall in my garden. Now today, I could use the old version of Add Post, but it wouldn’t let me add an image, so I had to switch to the new Classic.

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§ 8 Responses to Fuchsia and Stone

  • I tunnelled through the hurdles that WordPress has put in the way of using classic editor, only to find it was very different to the editor I’ve used for years!!! It seems my choice is now either new or new! No going back to the old. Reluctantly I will muddle along but it is rather annoying to say the least. You are not alone in finding the changes frustrating… I hope you continue to blog. I’ve been enjoying your return 🙂👍

    • lynnwiles says:

      I’m glad to be back too. This worked a couple of days ago and almost worked today. Give it a try.
      https://(yoursitename).wordpress.com/wp-admin/ and then on top where it says Add New, drop done to Classic Editor and there it is

      • Thank you.
        Sadly the editor I get through that route is different from the interface I have used for years. It works similarly but lots of differences that made it feel very awkward and unfriendly compared with what I was used to. I wonder if users are getting different interfaces depending what package (paid or unpaid, different themes, etc) or how long they have been using WordPress. Some of the exchanges people have had about the changes make me wonder if we are all having slightly different experiences. It might account for the level of confusion.
        I hope all is well. Stay safe & best wishes… 🙂

      • lynnwiles says:

        So sorry it isn’t working for you. Today went very smoothly, just like the old days.

      • Great 🙂
        I’m pleased that you have found a way to use the old editor and I can continue to enjoy your work…

  • Meanderer says:

    Oh, no – I wonder why you couldn’t post an image. I just went to check if I could use the Classic Editor after clicking on ‘Add Post’ at the top and it all looked ok; was able to post a ‘test’ post with an image – all looked like the old Editor we knew and loved. Not taking anything for granted though.

    Lovely image; looks quite oriental and graceful.

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