Euphorbia Up Close

October 19, 2020 § 9 Comments

Euphorbia Up Close © Lynn Wiles 2020
I don’t like living in an urban heat island in the summer, but it is nice this time of year when we experience frost later than the outlying areas and the garden is still in bloom. Meanwhile, I had to go through seven revisions with the new and old wordpress editors to get this to look consistent with the other posts on this site. sigh.

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§ 9 Responses to Euphorbia Up Close

  • How terribly frustrating it is to do battle with the editors!
    I’m glad you persisted 🙂

  • I submitted to the newly imposed block editor! It’s limiting and a bit frustrating but less so than doing battle with the old editor which at my end looks nothing like and doesn’t function like the old editor with which I was familiar. In short I’m making do with the new and haven’t taken time to explore it fully.
    Wordpress has inevitably changed a lot since I started with it but I’m not sure I’d fare any better on a different blogging site. WordPress felt intuitive to start with. Perhaps with a bit more effort I will develop a familiarity with the block editor and maybe I’ll start to see it’s worth…
    With the old editor when scheduling posts it would indicate on a particular calendar date if you have something already scheduled on that date. I’ve noticed the calendar on the new editor has no colour indication of a post already scheduled and a few other quirks like it’s important to change the time before the date because once you click the date it pings you out of the scheduler! Quite how they have managed to mess that up as well is beyond me.
    So if you decide to try the block editor just be prepared for silly quirks to reveal themselves in ways that will make you scratch your head with wonder…! (But not in a good way)
    Good luck and best wishes…

    • lynnwiles says:

      Simply put, they are probably trying to get us to pay for the ad free wordpress.

      • You are probably right.
        I started paying to be ad free about a year ago on Postcard Cafe but haven’t done so for my other sites. The ads on WordPress really detract from a good user experience. I opted to pay when Inrealised the ads are particularly horrible with strange images that I really didn’t like.

  • buddy71 says:

    i edit my pics before placing them in the media file and try and keep them to either 400 X ??? pixels or 600 X ??? pixels. and i am still selecting the “classic” editor and only use the “block” if i need to have “no comments.”

  • Meanderer says:

    She looks like she’s flying 🙂 How really frustrating having your images messed around so much. I’ve used the new block editor twice and haven’t found any problem with my images, thank goodness.

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