February 10, 2021 § 8 Comments

Snowbirds © Lynn Wiles 2021
Actually clumps of snow, not birds, but also the name of folks my age who flee to warmer climates in the winter. Too much snow, too much ice, too much cold. I don’t like February.

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§ 8 Responses to Snowbirds

  • Meanderer says:

    What fun! (Looks like we both had similar ideas today 🙂 ).

    I’d be the opposite to a snowbird – not enough snow, ice and frost!

  • I like this shot and I like how despite the misery of cold, frost and snow you found such a positive image. Great stuff. We still have snow here. I went out in the dark this morning before sunrise to enjoy the hush that snow brings. Virtually no one around and a few early birds practicing their dawn chorus. It was a frosty morning and the stars were out and it was a nice way to capitalise on the positive bits about snow. Generally I’m not a fan but there are some aspects I like and now I can add your picture to the list 🙂

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