Colorful Rock

February 13, 2018 § Leave a comment

Colorful Rock © Lynn Wiles 2018
When the landscape is gray and brown, sometimes a big rock is the most colorful thing around. And there are tiny lichen growing on it too.


Green Orb

February 2, 2018 § Leave a comment

Green Orb © Lynn Wiles 2018
A plant nanny not doing its job.

Sumac Berries

January 25, 2018 § Leave a comment

Sumac Berries © Lynn Wiles 2018
I know someone who loves to pick sumac berries to make tea. I’ve yet to try it, but it is nice to find a little color in the environment this time of year.

Rose Silver

January 8, 2018 § Leave a comment

Rose Silver © Lynn Wiles 2017
Rose gold was all the rage awhile back. Here’s rose silver and metal pieces with no apparent function again. It might hit the freezing mark today – heat wave.

Pink Wall Tree(s)

December 29, 2017 § Leave a comment

Pink Wall Tree(s) © Lynn Wiles 2017
I’m back, perhaps sporadically, from holiday happenings and weather events.

Perfect Pear

December 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

Perfect Pear © Lynn Wiles 2017
As I have mentioned before, this has not been a hallmark year for New England. But while in a historical part of my city, there this was in all it’s autumn lit glory.

Still Some Color

December 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

Still Some Color © Lynn Wiles 2017
I can always count on this one red oak to keep its leaves longer than most.

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