Croton Surprise

February 18, 2018 § Leave a comment

Croton Surprise © Lynn Wiles 2018
My decades old tropical plant has buds and may flower for the first time. I guess it is rare for them to flower indoors, so fingers crossed and I’ll post a photo if and when it does happen.


Inner Landscape

February 17, 2018 § Leave a comment

Inner Landscape © Lynn Wiles 2018
Quite the contrast from life outside.

Elm Profile

February 15, 2018 § Leave a comment

Elm Profile © Lynn Wiles 2018
Some complexion issues with this elm tree.

Lichen Close Up

February 14, 2018 § 2 Comments

Lichen Close Up © Lynn Wiles 2018
More color in the environment. This time a wide variety of lichen growing on a park bench.

Colorful Rock

February 13, 2018 § Leave a comment

Colorful Rock © Lynn Wiles 2018
When the landscape is gray and brown, sometimes a big rock is the most colorful thing around. And there are tiny lichen growing on it too.


February 12, 2018 § Leave a comment

Seedful © Lynn Wiles 2018
So many seeds yet to be dispersed. Wonder if it waits until spring to let go.

The Tree of Ice

February 11, 2018 § 4 Comments

The Tree of Ice © Lynn Wiles 2018
Even though it was quite warm yesterday, the pond was still mainly frozen with some thawing looking like a tree.

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