Earlier by the pond

July 14, 2018 § Leave a comment

Earlier by the pond © Lynn Wiles 2018
Heat, allergies, a virus, a puppy, homework, my garden, work etc etc has gotten me to the point of searching past photos to post. This was from the end of May.


The Tree of Ice

February 11, 2018 § 4 Comments

The Tree of Ice © Lynn Wiles 2018
Even though it was quite warm yesterday, the pond was still mainly frozen with some thawing looking like a tree.

On a Rock by the Pond

November 18, 2017 § 2 Comments

On a Rock by the Pond © Lynn Wiles 2017
A serene scene of fallen leaves on liquid and solid surfaces.

Seashell in the Pond

November 17, 2017 § Leave a comment

Seashell in the Pond © Lynn Wiles 2017
Another pond, a huge plastic seashell covering up an outflow pipe. Strange.

Autumn Pond Water

November 1, 2017 § 2 Comments

Autumn Pond Water © Lynn Wiles 2017
A little splash of color in a small pond.

Willow Pond

October 26, 2017 § 4 Comments

Willow Pond © Lynn Wiles 2017
A tranquil pond in a cemetery full of history.

The Koi Pond

April 23, 2017 § Leave a comment

The Koi Pond © Lynn Wiles 2017
Not my pond, but a place I do like to visit.

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