Vernal Equinox

March 20, 2021 § 3 Comments

Vernal Equinox © Lynn Wiles 2021
Looking for any clue that spring is arriving. I love the subtle colors of this budding branch and hope to figure out what kind of tree it is once the leaves come out.

Bud View

March 4, 2017 § Leave a comment

img_4992 Bud View © Lynn Wiles 2017
A little obsessed with finding spring.


May 5, 2016 § Leave a comment

IMG_2895 Winding © Lynn Wiles 2016
Vines grab and grow onto whatever they can find reaching for the sun. Happy Cinco de Mayo

Popcorn Tree

April 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

IMG_3003 Popcorn Tree © Lynn Wiles 2016
So many white buds gathered together looking like a mass of popcorn.

Ready to Pop

April 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

IMG_2882 Ready to Pop © Lynn Wiles 2016
Buds getting ready to open on a nice spring day.

And then, this happened

April 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

IMG_2872 And then, this happened © Lynn Wiles 2016
Spring has arrived and there’s a nice long weekend ahead to enjoy it.

Just Maybe

March 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

IMG_3552 Just Maybe © Lynn Wiles 2016
There is a slight chance of some sun today, maybe my crocuses will open one more time and it will be light enough to see them this evening.


March 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

IMG_2557 Weeping © Lynn Wiles 2016
Spring is not all warmth and sunshine. It’s cold and gray and rainy, but the willows were ready to leaf out just the other day.

Spring Everywhere

March 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

IMG_2568 Spring Everywhere © Lynn Wiles 2016
It was one gorgeous weekend. I planted pansies and took some photos of the flowers blooming in my yard. These are Hellebores, more abundant this year than ever before.


March 10, 2016 § 2 Comments

IMG_2524 Arrival © Lynn Wiles 2016
It’s always a special day when the first crocuses bloom in the garden and that day was yesterday.

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