June 30, 2017 § 2 Comments

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It’s Friday and the last day of the fiscal year – yay! Someone put a hammock up in the park with an old stick for support.

Failed Attempt

December 14, 2011 § 6 Comments

I can only think that some bird collected these materials to build a nest, but the materials fell to this low branch and the project was abandoned.

String Fling

November 15, 2011 § 12 Comments

I hadn’t used my Lensbaby for awhile, but after my outing with it on Sunday, I have to say it teaches one humility. Trying to focus on a sweet spot in high winds is challenging. Shooting to get the best Lensbaby effect and then coming home to delete most of the images is humbling, but kind of fun at the same time.

Playing with String on a Gray Day

May 11, 2010 § 2 Comments


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