The Wall

December 2, 2012 § 5 Comments

IMG_7227 The Wall © Lynn Wiles 2012
The wall of a donut shop’s parking lot seen from afar. It snowed yesterday. The weather forecasters promised melting and warm temps today. So far that’s not the case, but let’s hope it’s just a slight delay and the warming will begin soon.

Truck Stop

August 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Truck Stop © Lynn Wiles 2012
Abandoned truck stopped on a wall near Fred’s.

Trying Out etc.

June 2, 2012 § 8 Comments

Trying out a new iPhone app on a wall where someone was trying out paint colors.

And peeking through a hole in the sheeting behind a fence.

And looking down at a stoop.
photos © Lynn Wiles 2012

Behind the Dam

May 17, 2012 § 5 Comments

Behind the Dam © Lynn Wiles 2012
Water stopped from flowing by a dam. After three days of rain, work, and worries, I picked up my new tripod and a rain jacket for my camera last night. It felt kind of liberating. Now I just need a crash course on night photography.

Such is Life

February 17, 2012 § 6 Comments

A little Friday fun and fishy philosophy. Sometimes we are the big fish, sometimes the small fish, but smile along the way.


December 10, 2011 § 8 Comments

I don’t like noise in my neighborhood or noise in digital photos, but I do like this graffiti.

The Brook Below

October 29, 2011 § 6 Comments

The brook pictured below is way down, protected by a cement wall on one side and very old railings on the cemetery side. I couldn’t get too close to the edge without experiencing vertigo. This past week has been crazy busy and winter’s closing in. We haven’t had autumn yet, most of the leaves are still green, and snow is coming tonight.

Wall Ivy

September 11, 2011 § 10 Comments

Green ivy, with the first hint of autumn, gracing a gray wall.

Round and Round

September 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

Round things on brick wall.

Shadowy Wall II

August 4, 2011 § 6 Comments

This wall is a wall.

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